Jesus – The Imaginary Friend

Forget the fairy story. Many currents fed the Jesus myth, like streams and tributaries joining to form a major river. As Christianity cut its way through the centuries it became a very murky and dangerous torrent, sweeping away civilizations and all who stood in its way.

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Christianity – the ultimate product of religious syncretism in the ancient world.



Fathered by a God, worker of miraculous cures, raised the dead – Asclepius.























'You say we worship the sun; so do you.'
Church Father Tertullian (160-220AD)– 'Ad nationes'







Jesus ben Phiabi, Jesus ben Sec, Jesus ben Damneus, Jesus ben Gamaliel ...

 Sobrang Daming Mga Jesus – Ngunit Walang “Jesus na Taga-Nazareth”



"Jesus will have to take his place with the host of other demigods whose fancied lives and deeds make up the mythology of the world."

Hindi Pag-Iral ni Jesus? Malapit na ang Wakas



Jesus who?


Nazareth – Bayang Nakasalig Sa Kukote ng mga Teyologo



Painful sacrifice?


Ang “12 Mga Apostol” – Mga inimbentong  tagasunod ng inimbentong Tagapagligtas

Jesus promised retribution to his enemies.

Si Cristo Jesus – Kapitbahay Mula sa Impiyerno


Maria, Maria.. La Imaculada Decepcion


Horus becomes a Christ on horseback.


“Dagdag-Bawas” Noong Unang Panahon



Jesus can be anything you want him to be.

Picture Essay
 From Apollo to Jesus Christ! How the Godman is Made and Remade
Surely not Jesus...? Yes, the image of history's greatest superhero has morphed from Greek god to Roman politician, from youthful shepherd to Renaissance prince. An imaginary paragon can always be in step with fashion.

Tropaeum – ceremonial  stake on which the Romans displayed captured armour.


Did Julius Caesar Exist? Do you Exist?
Nailing that nonsense about ancient evidence.
Jesus packs them in.

'Apologetics' – Fundamentally flawed
Have I got a story for you


  The Good Christian? In fact, the whole goddamn family, Faith, Hope and Charity
Are Christians any better than anyone else? And just what is the truth about that modern saint Mother Teresa?
Noble sacrifice?


  Persecution – Holy Mother Church Invents Heroic Origins 
"Suffering martyrs"? The fable of Christians thrown to the lions is as familiar as Goldilocks and the 3 Bears. Dare to know the truth?
Priestly perks for the orthodox
What DID the Early Christians Believe?
The Invention of Orthodoxy
Before 110 AD - Gospels unknown & uncited. A 'sayings' document probably exists. c.130 AD Papias writes a paragraph in a six-book work mentioning that the 'teachings' of Peter, recorded by Mark, and 'reports' by Matthew in Aramaic had been written, although apparently he doesn't trust them. c.140 AD - Marcion's proto-gospel appears. He attaches Paul's letters to an early version of 'Luke'. c.150 AD - Justin refers to several 'memoirs of the apostles' (i.e. gospels). c.172 AD - From dozens of contending stories, 'official' gospels numbered as 4. c.180 AD - Gospels finally given names.


Mithraic saviour sheds blood.
MithraismDress Rehearsal for Christianity
The first ‘universal religion’ of the Greco-Roman world anticipated Christianity in almost all major respects.





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