Jesus Never Existed

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Jesus Never Existed

The Christianizing of the Americas


“The conquest of the New World set off two vast demographic catastrophes, unparalled in history: the virtual destruction of the indigenous population of the Western hemisphere, and the devastation of Africa as the slave trade rapidly expanded to serve the needs of the conquerors, and the continent itself was subjugated.”
– Noam Chomsky (Year 501, p5)
Loving enemies, Christian-style.

1500-1700 Europe Ablaze for Christ!

Reformation, Counter-Reformation, murder upon murder, war upon war. Gangster popes, intolerant reformers, roasted Jews, tortured heretics and burned witches – what a jolly time was had by all.

1500-1600 New Spain – Old Horrors

Christian knights brought savagery and racism to a whole new world. Miniscule in number, the Spanish adventurers, equipped with superior firepower and infected with deadly European diseases, descended on an unsuspecting native world. Every genocidal step was sanctioned and blessed by Holy Mother Church.
Land clearance, in the name of Jesus.
Locked and loaded.

1600-1700 Christ in the Colonies

Buccaneers, Bigots, Slavers and Traders
Gentle Jesus arrived in England’s North American colonies with a well-armed military escort. Clinging to the edge of a vast continent a motley crew of venture capitalists, criminals and self-righteous fanatics established a precarious existence in the new world.

1700-1850 Birth of a Nation

A stolen land, worked by an enslaved labour force, cultivating drug crops, could not fail to enrich the colonial elite.
Breaking free politically from Old World monarchies the New Republic beckoned Europe’s huddled masses, yearning for liberty – and a quick buck.
Stiffed-collared Brits couldn’t hold back those avaricious Yankees. Hallelujah!

In Human Bondage – Did Jesus Keep Slaves?

Christianity – in fact all three monotheistic religions – have a history steeped in condoning, justifying and practicing slavery. The British primed the pump of the Industrial Revolution with the slave trade. The American Republic built the foundations of its economy on the institution of slavery. Jesus was with them all the way.
De Camptown ladies sing this song, Doo-da, Doo-da De

1850-1950 The Americanising of Christianity

God-fearing folk, driven by a dream of vast personal wealth, with an unrestrained willingness to eradicate anything and anyone standing in the way, required an entrepreneurial recasting of the Palestinian pageant.
Jesus had to become All-American. The slicksters saw their opportunity, fabricating a convenience Christianity, packaged in multifarious varieties.
Family values – drudgery and faith.

1950-2005 Jesus loves a winner! – Shaking Down the Sheep

In choreographed extravaganzas rationality and judgement fall victim to mass hysteria. Whipping up the Jesus frenzy are a bunch of crooks and hucksters, womanising egotists and dangerous megalomaniacs.
Are you rapture ready?

End Time – Jesus Jihad

Grown into a world power, without precedent either for its wealth or military prowess, the US of A, strives to remake the world in its own likeness. The Bush Dynasty, encouraged by the Christian Right – Israel alliance, is on a Mission. God help us.
21st century Jesus drives an SUV. Warming the Earth up a little? Man, it’s ALL gonna burn!
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