Jesus Never Existed

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Jesus Never Existed

The Criminal History of the Christian Church

Christianization of the Roman world The destruction of ancient civilization

A 4th century power struggle that played out across the Mediterranean world brought a minor sect of religious extremists to centre stage. Finding themselves on the winning side in a civil war and rewarded by cosseting within imperial residences, bishops of the Christian Church were able to impose their faith upon a demoralised population using all the sanctions of the State. And as the empire fragmented and fell, ambitious clerics of Christ disseminated a cancer of superstition, fear and brutality far beyond the old imperial frontiers.
A closer look at the great missionary that some say “founded Christianity”.
Herculaneum, 1st century AD.

The First Christians – "Haters of the human race"?

From Judaism, the enthusiasts of Christ derived the notion that the body was a source of shame and that women were an inferior breed. But the early Christians were also influenced by Hellenic ideas that the passions were inherently suspect and that sex was harmful to the soul. Mortification of the flesh and abstinence became the path to spiritual purity.

Primitive Christianity compromises with reality

The Roman world, for all its pleasure seeking, was not unfamiliar with notions of stoical restraint and self-denial. Into this cosmopolitan world intruded a bunch of fanatics for whom sex was not merely tainted by “uncleanliness” but was itself a “pollution of the spirit”. Yet in Catholicism, this morbid, sociopathic death cult happily compromised the fierce strictures of the founders for worldly advantage. Predators replaced the puritans.
Randy Romans?

Callistus – , Embezzler, Extortionist, Friend of Emperor’s Whore, Makes Pope, Dies with Transvestite!

As it waited in the wings of pagan Rome, the Catholic Church was already marked by corruption, violence and the kind of sexual scandal.

Constantine – Pagan Thug Makes Christian Emperor

The fanatics of Christ proved useful to the ambitious prince who set his sights on absolute and undivided power.

Rome's new masters – The Bishops Control the Minds of Juvenile Emperors

Orchestrated by scheming bishops, “Christian piety” corrupted Roman leadership and vigour. While an indolent army of clerics lived on the state, the impoverished legions degenerated into a peasant militia leaving the empire vulnerable to incursions.

Theodosius – The Assault upon Paganism

Once a particular Christianity – hierarchical and authoritarian – became wedded to the Roman state, it became a force of brutal repression. The first Christian fanatic on the throne of the Caesars criminalized and punished a large part of the population of the whole empire.

Pope Damasus – The Gangster who hired a Pimp to write the Bible!

A young emperor’s preoccupation with the Gothic threat set loose the limitless ambition of the Bishop of Rome.

The Struggle for Orthodoxy – Christianity's "civil war"

Catholicism’s struggle for power with a rival Christianity: Arianism. Arianism was trounced and a Catholic trinitarian nonsense triumphed. This so-called ‘orthodoxy’ suppressed and persecuted all ‘heretical’ opposition.

The Closing Mind – The Insanity Begins

With the Church triumphant Europe sank into ignorance and superstition.

End of Classic Scholarship in Egypt – Death on the Nile

Assassination of Hypatia. The intellectual centres of the empire were ruined by murder and prohibition.

A Timeline of Catastrophe – Darkness Descends on the Greco-Roman World

Romano-Hellenic culture was transformed by the “Church Fathers” of Bigotry, Anti-Semitism, Prudery, Censorship & Intolerance. Directed by ambitious Christian clerics, a cancer of superstition, fear and brutality was imposed across Europe.

Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism – Part 1

The civilization that had stretched from the deserts of Arabia to the highlands of Scotland reverted to a primitive village subsistence.

Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism – Part 2

Humanity reverted to a primitive village subsistence in a post-Roman world.

Dwarfs on the Bones of Giants – The Withering of Culture

Emperors Hadrian and Charlemagne compared
Miniscule – The ‘Carolingian Renaissance’ contribution to civilization
Bringing the ungodly to Christ

'Privilegia Ecclesiastica' – The Decline of Law and Liberty

In the Christianized world, women, fortunate to be domestic slaves, might find themselves in enforced celibacy, joyless marriage or burnt as a witch. The rule of law was replaced by the Divine Right of kings, despots like the God that chooses them, and a privileged clergy, placed beyond the law of mere mortals.

The Death of Science

In the gathering darkness of Christendom, scientific method and speculation were criminalized. The Mediterranean world sank into a sterile “piety” in which knowledge, art and technology atrophied,

The Ruin of Public Health

With the rise of Christian tyranny, medical knowledge was lost for a millennium.
Picture Essay: Ancient medical knowledge destroyed

Men in frocks – God's curious fashion foibles

Pontificalia is an essential element of the religious circus. Without the fancy dress would Jesus-magic still enthrall the gullible, enthuse the pious and comfort the desolate? The showman needs his ensemble of silk and satin, his purple and gold livery, his dashing headgear, his rings, sashes and baubles.

The terrifying history of a morbid cult that destroyed the ancient world

Shadowy Mr Big behind worldwide criminal organisation.
Known variously as ‘Jesus’, ‘Christ’, ‘Lord’, and ‘Saviour’.
Persistent rumours of a brief appearance in 1st century Palestine though unknown in official records.
Cult members convince themselves JC is alive today.
Intelligence suggests never actually existed.
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