Jesus Never Existed

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Jesus Never Existed

Christianity's Fabrication Factory

Lying for God

Would they lie? They said it themselves.
Hmm. Perhaps another miracle here

Trials and Errors – Theology as drama, masquerading as history!

Jesus meets his detractors. Six trials and myriad contradictions!

Bar Abbas! Barabbas! – A cameo that adds drama and irony

After the war with Rome, the choice facing the Jews was given a human face and made an atoning sacrifice. Jesus was not just a lamb but a goat!
Noble Jew?

Non-Christian Testimony for Jesus?Josephus, Tacitus, Pliny, et al

– From the authentic pen of lying Christian scribes !! A Jew and a handful of pagans are pressed into service as unwitting “witnesses” for a phantom saviour.

Persecution Holy Mother Church Invents Heroic Origins

“Suffering martyrs”? The fable of Christians thrown to the lions is as familiar as Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
Would the early believers have died for a lie? Consider the evidence for that supposed “persecution” – Holy Mother Church invented heroic origins!
Noble sacrifice?
Did God create dragons?

"Saint George" – The pork salesman who became England's patron saint

Laugh or cry? – The fabrication of “Saint George”.

Shrouded in Deceit – Leonardo da Vinci's Last Laugh

How a sacrilegious ‘sorcerer’ outwitted the priests!

The 'Galilean Ministry' - Fabrication of a Christian Holy Land

The Gospel writers created a maritime stage for a perambulating messiah. It is a palpable nonsense.

The Year 36

Drill down on the Christian timeline and what you find are endless anomalies and mismatches with real history. How can the chronology of the “most important event in history” be so uncertain? Because it is not history at all but a fable retrofitted into history.
“Jesus’ pavement” – in fact, Hadrian’s east forum.

Aelia Capitolina - City of the Evangelists

For two hundred years, the municipality of Aelia – the erstwhile city of Jerusalem – was demonstrably and triumphantly pagan. It was upon not the city of Herod but the 2nd century city of Hadrian that the gospellers imposed their fable.

Siloam – Negating Jewish magic

Where Jesus venues were not entirely unstated, vagueness left plenty of scope for imaginative “placement”. The venues were shrewdly chosen to scupper the competition and expropriate the magic of earlier gods.
The Siloam stream terminated in a “sacred” pool where Hadrian built a temple.
A non-believer healed by Jesus?

A Jesus miracle at Bethesda?

In the northeastern sector of the new city of Aelia, just beyond the eastern forum, Hadrian’s architects re-developed an ancient shrine of healing. It was “useful”, therefore, for gospeller John to have his divine hero perform superior magic at the very spot that the god Asclepius worked his wonders.

Dolorosa –The Way of Sorrow or A Comedy of Errors?

Jerusalem’s bogus pilgrim trail. The streets of the Via Dolorosa were never traversed by Jesus, with or without his cross. The roads of the Old City of Jerusalem follow the line (but at a level some ten to fifteen feet higher) of the town built by the Roman Emperor Hadrian after 135 AD – a century too late for any Christian messiah.
Art – but not history
Tomb town.

Sepulchres of Deceit – The empty (and misidentified) tombs of Jerusalem

Ancient Jerusalem was encompassed by a necropolis. But empty tombs and empty tales of Nicodemus and Arimathea do not a saviour make.

The empty tombs of Jesus – vacuous nonsense

What chance that the “most sacred site in Christendom”, the so called tomb of Jesus, is anything other than a grotesque and palpable fraud?
Holy? The Jesus theme park shared by rival six rival franchisees.

Waking the Dead? – Did Jesus really "raise" anyone?

Of the 35 miracles supposedly performed by Jesus three were nothing less than restoring life to the recently dead. No claim has ever been made that they were “resurrected” to life eternal in a supernatural body in the manner of Jesus. That cachet was for JC alone. But were the three ever raised at all?

Resurrection of the Lord? – The Hole in the Christian Doughnut

Who saw what when? Does even a word of it make sense?

Encounter at Emmaus?

Of the dozen or so post-death appearances claimed for Jesus Christ, the “most detailed” (a whole 20 verses) is the one reported solely by Luke, “on the road to Emmaus.” Oddly, for this most important of occasions, JC materialized to two unknown characters, Cleopas and the “other one”. History – or a fiction inspired by faith?

"James Ossuary" Declared Fake – Official!

Down the Toilet! Faker Arrested! Declared fake – Official! The “James Ossuary”. How an Israeli entrepreneur outwitted the ‘experts’.
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Some fifty articles are now available as a book. For your copy order: