Jesus Never Existed

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Jesus Never Existed

Desert Storm – The challenge of Islam

'Christendom' Reaps a Whirlwind

In the 7th century the explosive expansion of Islam reduced “Christendom” by half.
Twice the ruin – or a new civilization?
With a Jewish father (stern patriarch) and a Christian mother (obsession with guilt and heaven) it is not surprising that Islam grew up a bit of a tartar. But for centuries, while Christian Europe stumbled in darkness, the Arab-Muslim empire carried the torch of civilization. After an era of brilliance, the Islamic world passed that torch to Europe and fell into sterile despotism from which it has never recovered.
Not All Desert

Arabia the Happy – Life Before Islam

Early civilizations arose in many parts of Arabia , long before Judaism, Christianity or Islam. Islam arose as an adaptation of old ideas, not something new.

Who Saved Civilization? – Damascus Spring

Far from imposing a severe theocracy the early caliphs were tolerant, even urbane
Bare-breasted dancing girls decorate an 8th century caliph’s palace.

Islam: Final Revelation – or Ultimate Heresy?

Despite the mutual hostility, from the first Islam endorsed a great deal of Judeo-Christian theology and adopted many of its practices.
Part One

Islam: – Final Revelation – or Ultimate Heresy?

Who Saved Civilization? – Baghdad Summer

In its heyday, from the Atlantic to Central Asia Islam produced scholars and refinement.

Seeding the Renaissance – Science and Islam

Europe’s recovery owed a huge debt to Islamic civilization.

Extinguishing the Light – Wrath of God

Battered by both East and West the early enlightenment failed and theology triumphed.


Islam Under Scrutiny by Ex-Muslims
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