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Jesus Never Existed

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What a sensational site! I love the tabloid format, it makes things so interesting. … It’s great to find so much historical information in one place.

Great essays sprinkled with just the right amount of humour too. If we couldn’t laugh at it all then we really would have to weep.

Oh my…..What a great site. But unfortunately you never going to reach the people who need it. Very hard to open closed minds…. But I thoroughly enjoyed. Thanks
I have really enjoyed going through your site …
I have read quite a few books including Doherty and Price on this subject, but what makes your site outstanding is that you bring together the history of Judaism and Christianity as well as the influence of pagan mythology …
Such a pity that the wider debate these days is focused on Dan Brown’s historical fallacies rather than the real issue of Jesus’ historicity and existence. co* 
I would have to be a madman, a fanatical Christian or a Holocaustian martyrologist to belive that your astonishing website is the product of one man.
Whoever you are folks CONGRATULATIONS for the best web page on the Internet!
Hello and thank you for what seems to be a very well researched website.
I have long been seeking freedom from the brainwashing of the Church and at last I have found something that appeals to logic and sooths my soul.
For years, despite my rejection of the Church, part of me has been tormented by fears of possession and condemnation to hell and at times I’d gone back to believing out of fear.
Now I feel much more relaxed…as though a great weight has been lifted off of me. Be well. Peace.
you have a really good website, well researched and presented in a most positive way … The falsehood is ingrained into a christian from the time they are born.
You are absolutely right about the non-existence of Jesus as a person … the later church didn’t cover it up quite good enough to not be able to see it.
I like your web site because the information contained therein is helping me in my struggle to rid or cleanse my mind of Christianity.
Although I left Christianity and faith in Jesus behind more than twenty-five years ago, in recent months all those old beliefs from my childhood have resurfaced from my sub-conscience to disturb me.
Study of Atheism and the case for the non-historicity of Jesus has been enhanced by
The evidence is simply overwhelming, to the rational mind, that Jesus is simply a poorly constructed myth.
In time, perhaps, our culture can deprogram and purge this harmful rubbish from the minds of humanity. kbrown4*
Great site, a real eye-opener.
It must have taken a lot of research and writing power to set it all up. The manner in which Christianity was implanted in Rwanda and the policies and ideas promoted by missionaries began a transformation of Rwandan society that ultimately made genocide possible.
I have no words to describe how angry I am at this.
Ken, I would like to thank you for your website,
Growing up, I was indoctrinated into fundamentalist christianity at the mercy of my mother, so I have first hand knowledge of what is involved.
To me, christianity is the most ferocious and malevolent embodiment of the
disease of ignorance the history of the world has ever subjected itself to
I appreciate what you are doing, and keep up the good work.
hello ken, I was really impressd with your website. Very happy to see that a critical website has even gone into disproving the very existence of the godman himself.
Even if many are blind to even think about the idea of him not existing, it is like goebells said about his own propaganda “if you tell a lie loud enough and often enough people will start to believe it”.
Yr site is absoulutley superb, only a fool believes in jesus and as a black man I find it rather incredible the amount of black christians we now possess.
From catholic to anglican. Christianity was brought to black people in the form of whips, mutilations, slavery, genocide amongst other things.
Everything they stole from us and stuffed christianity down our throat .. Heads bow and eyes closed, when we woke up we was in shackles, women and wifes raped and on an all inclusive cruise to do some deminial work.
Hello Kenneth.What a find your site is!

I got inoculated to Christianity by the church of England, no less and also got interested in history.
It also looks as though Jesus has had his thousand years to rule the world and it is over. From now on there will only be degenerate Christians…
Dear Ken,
With great excitement I have been reading the articles in your website. Much of the information I already knew (and a fair bit I did not) but to have it all gathered together in one place and so well sourced is
a great achievement.
A bonus is your simple, clear English and overall good humour……gently mocking
but never cruel or vicious, which would have lessened your impact.

You have done a great service to Truth. I will refer my friends to this site. With best regards, and thanks, has*
Dear Kenneth,

Namaste! This morning I accidently came across your website, and believe me you have taken painstaking effort to publish those gory acts of papacy and the church. Earlier, duirng my school days, these popes were portrayed as benevolent and reformists. Your website has opened my eyes. Thanks for putting up such a wonderful website.
I found this site of yours about three days ago or so, maybe more.. through the author of a books website, the book? The Jesus Mysteries – One of my favorite
books of all time.
I kept your site for a few months in favorites, but hadn’t checked it out.. when I finally did, I became addicted.. your essays are amazing, and you have a lot of information.
Your site blew my mind.

Without further Comment


And just how old were you when your Sunday school teacher caught you playing with your wee-wee?

Catholic abuse?

I just stumbled across your web site and thought I would congratulate you on a well put togethe site. Unfortunately I cannot agree with most of your argument, but it makes for a great read none the less.

I am sorry you feel so bitter and hateful towards people like me, and can only assume from reading between the lines that you must be suffering from some past personal trauma which you blame christianity for.
If you are one of the many who were scarred by sexual abuse from catholic (generally the case) clergy I would advise you to seek counseling. Whilst this may not take away your disbelief in Christ (and every other religion from your argument) it may help you to sleep at night.


Angry Aryan?

You are fucking vermin…I saw what you wrote, all kinds of crazy baseless hateful insults against Celts, you are a fucking pervert… You are a fucking sick anti-Aryan zionist professional bullshiter whos job is to pour poison into people.
If I ever find you you son of a bitch. I will strangle the pus out of you. You are a disgrace to humanity. You are SCUM.
The only way to shut you up is to kill you.
Dont forget asshole, we outnumber the police and army 10000 times over. Your time will come.
Im not threatening you, Im stating the fact that you have signed your own death warrent by posting what you have.
you are a fucking pervert, and if someone does do you, i will celebrate. that site wont stay on the net for long.

Know-it-all ?

Well, aren’t you the brainey “know-it-all”. Hitler had all the answers too. So did Communism, and other cult like groups, organizations and governments. They all had all the answers.
You are among the devil’s deciples , and will have a “rude awakening’ when judgment day comes. Then you will see that you are the one that is full of baloney and produce ! Feel sorry for you —- you are a real fool ! awarded the coveted
J. P. Holding “Vial of Wrath” award!

Robert Turkel (who trades Jesus bile under the “Tekton Ministries” brand) has graced j.n.x. with a delightful “rebuttal.” He’s taken a look at a whole 3 articles. For those who can’t be bothered to wade through his less than inerrant words here are the highlights:
• Turkel has noticed that “Humphrey” rhymes with “Dumpty”, thus effortlessly proving the inerrancy of the Bible – which is more than can be said for his own words which include such howlers as miseeucation, hyuperbolic, indignance, instiutional and soruces. (Let’s see how soon he reaches for the spell checker.)
• Turkel fancies himself in the role of Old Testament patriarch, making rulings with the wave of his staff. “Nothing new here, folks. It’s all just a lot of yelling and screaming. Go back to sleep.” Such glib judgments presumably reassure his insecure clientèle.
Not wishing to lose his “street credibility” Turkel peppers his words with schoolyard lingo like “wacky”“Duh, what?” and “Uh, yeah. Nice try, but so what?”
Having larded on the scoffs and the scorn like Beavis and Buthead he falls back on nothing better than appeals to authority (and there is always someone he can drag a quote from).
Nazareth not existing?
“Duh, the Anchor Bible Dictionary says otherwise.” You get the idea.
Thanks JP – keep chewing the jerky.

Unlikely thank you?

keep it up….catholics are pagans & need to be exposed as they paganized christianity….catholics paganized  christianity like revelation says……..keep bashing catholics you make converting them much easier……jesus is a man of history…….thanx….

 Get a Life?

Dear ken,
I may not be a good person or a good christian. But I have to say that Someone like you might be someone that does not have a life. I’m not speaking to you with hate towards you but I am only trying to tell you about the Only One that truly loves you more than anyone ever has or ever will.
You must get saved according to ACTS 2:38 under the name of the Most High God of Jesus Christ. Ask for forgiveness for writing such TRASH and SKUM. May GOD have mercy on you.

The Good Life?

Dear Ken. I have read with interest the things you have to say about my Lord Jesus Christ. I believe the things Scripture has to say about Him. He has saved me from condemnation, damnation, and eternal hell. I follow His way.
If I am wrong, then I have lived a good life and have done no harm to anyone. If I am right, and I believe I am, then God has given me the precious gift of forgiveness for sins, and eternal life with Him in Paradise. Ken, if you’re wrong, then the damage you have done in your musings, rightings, and promulgations, will come home to roost.
Turn away from this, and use your must evident intelligence for Jesus. I will pray for you.


I would apperciate if you could take a moment to ” think ” what you are talking and writting through your webpage. Though it looks interesting but not inspiring. It seems that you are deeply confused by informations.

I have read all your intelluctual papers and facts. What i find is, it is not all intelluctual. only pieces of information which you got from the pieces of sources.
What you have posted in your webpage is not the shocking news. Yet Truth is not find in your pages.

Jesus Christ is the Only Way,Truth and Life. It takes time for you to realize, Any how let me do my best to you jesus christ existed forever, i’ve experienced him in my life. but i think blind idiots like urself would never understand this till they rust in hell, as i hope u will, very soon

Rediculousdemon-filled imagination ?

What this site says is based on your demon-filled imagination.
Take this blasphemy OFF THE WEB!
People can see this falsehood whenever they get on the computer. You might not belive in Jesus, but he IS your savior. He DIED ON THE CROSS FOR YOUR SINS AND ROSE ON THE THIRD DAY!! And today this is how you thank him? YOU SHOULD BE WORSHIPING HIM! He is the son of God! Your creator! Jesus is the way to salvation!
i would argue with you. argue about how Jesus lived then. About how the he still lives in many people today. but its just so rediculous i cant stand to argue with people like you.
i wont ever come back to your site, and i wont ever read your articles, and if you ever send me mail that has “evidence” (bs) about how Jesus didnt live, ill delete it and wont even look at it. so DONT try to change my mind!!

the Lord can save you from your terrible sin, because of His mercy you can ask for forgiveness, and He will give it to you! Repent! Or suffer the fires of hell for eternity.


What a sad pathetic little man you are, Sir.
No regard for accuracy in your work, just a mish-mash of facts presented in a jumbled fashion, devoid of logic and truth. Your writing would fail you in a first year history exam at any respectable college.
Crawl back under your stone or better still, go to school for a few years. Stupid man…

Zombies Don’t Go to Heaven?

One thing you are is a tool of the devil. A follower in his court and you don’t know it. I pity you. I for one will not pray for you. I do not throw pearls to swine. You must be a sad, pathetic being. Not human. like a zombie going nowhere with out purpose.
God will deal with you in His way and in His time.I am truly sorry for you.
Only through Jesus can you obtain the kingdom of God.
Roman Catholic faith is the truth. The Church does not lie because Christ is the Church. Jesus does not


u really are an insecure lunatic! Jesus is a historical fact,

u will be in no company my friend hell is a place where u will be on YOUR OWN eternally seperated from God and everybody else! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Websight of hate?

Do you truly believe that this entire world is a cosmic accident? It takes more faith for me to believe in the accident theory, than to believe in Almighty God.
The only plausible explanation is a designer to the design. Your websight only reminded me of the hate that people who don’t have a faith have towards those of us that do.
Could it be your missing an important part to your being? We are not merely flesh, but flesh and spirit.

I as a believer have questioned these things, but one thing I know God’s carnage was upon people who corrupted and destroyed his creation and refusal to submit to his authority. Those that were destroyed were bent on their refusal. But in evrery case God is long suffering toward them.
Jesus was and is the very image of God and reflects God’s attitude towards man. Much of your statements concerning him were out of context and understanding of the passage.
Your criticism of God’s omnipotence, and Omniscience is answered by proper intepretation and comparing scripture.
My friend my heart is burdened for you because you spent this much study and effort to prove something about the God you do not know, He sent his son to redeem you from your sin and unhappiness, and lack of joy. If you read the scripture honestly and openly you will see his love and mercy abounding for you. not hatred.
I do not desire to debate you but show you God’s love. I will pray for you Ken

 Laughing boy No.1?

Very amusing and totally


Laughing boy No.2?

I went through your website. I am sorry, what Joke. Can you site any debates you were in, or anybody “well established” apologists that you have debated. I would love to hear your arguments in a debate. I have googled up your name and have not come up with much. Most secularists agree that the notion that “Jesus of Nazareth never even existed” is a bit “out there”.

Hello, I am a Christian, and I found your website today. It is very interesting. You seem to have many of the same arguments against Christianity that I had before I accepted it. I feel that your arguments are valid in many ways, especially your use of historical sources. Yet, I can sense a strong bias toward Christianity …
I understand your skepticism. I searched high and low for that “missing thing” in my life. I went from atheist, to New Age, to Tao, to Hindu, to self-help, and even to mythology. I eventually found the true God through the Bible, and through Jesus Christ …
I’m not in disargeement with you about the injustices of “The Church”, but you need to understand one thing: the difference between religion and reality… God loves you, and I love you too man. I was once in darkness but God has opened my eyes. That truth might not be found through history alone..
I admire your diligent search through history, something which I should do myself, but if you search in order to refute Christianity, then that is not fair. I suggest you at least keep your mind open to the possibility of Christianity being true.

The God Challenge

Your belief system requires faith as does mine.  I believe you are more interested in disproving the truth than accepting it.  What if I am right?  What if there is a Creator?  And suppose He really is interested in the affairs of man!  I challenge you to speak to him aloud and ask him to open your eyes to His Truth.  I believe you will scoff this suggestion and not do it- probably out of fear….  I believe you choose not to believe and that you wish only to believe what you believe even if you are in err.  I know the Creator- but He knows us MUCH better.  Seek Him and you TOO can know Him if you are willing to accept the truth even if it conflicts with what seems logical to you!  God is beyond our comprehension….
Thank you for your time,

I highly respect you and your work. The point of divergence between us would belief in a Creator, primarily. I am not afraid or opposed to the criticisms or the historical evidence and even some of the negative conclusions that must be leveled at Judaism.
I appreciate honest scholarship and have not been afraid to make decisions that may be wrong, it’s a process. Like you said, societal patience has grown thin and the sound byte generation needs a quick answer, not a process. Keep up the good work.
I think you give a little too much weight to the Copenhagen System of criticism, and as such thought your treatise on Israel was lacking the depth of your other work. Needless to say, you’re a fantastic resource and I enjoyed talking with you. Thanks


I dont approve of your first sentence in the paragraph “Unlike the mythical Jesus Christ”, please fix it.

LAST WORD – Watch some TV?

the ossuarie is declared real by 2 leading figures….don’t you watch tv….discovery channel….to much catholic junk on this site which proves nothing other then she’s the whore of revelation …..get real.
Some fifty articles are now available as a book. For your copy order: