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Jesus Never Existed

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congratulations, your web site is absolutely superb. I love it, keep up the good work.
The amount of information you have collected and organized is amazing. I have never seen anything like this before .. This stuff should be published.
Kenneth, you have an excellent website!  Your documentation and reasoning are impressive!
I’m not sure how I found your web page, but I’ve been glued to it for hours. Thanks.
You have created an excellent resource! Many thanks and good luck with your undertakings.
What an excellent collection of information you’ve collated, I’m going to have to read it all slowly!
Many thanks
I do agree with a good amount of what you say, it does make sense and historically the parts I have looked at are tight with the facts but I have to ask you, do you get a lot of hate mail or what? Society isn’t that intellectual enough to digest this much without lashing out at the source…


There are hundreds (thousands?) of websites espousing fundamentalist intransigence and claptrap of every conceivable stripe.  It is refreshing to read your essays that are so lucid and comprehensively presented.
I have forwarded the website to many of my fellow unbelievers and they have all enjoyed it immensely.


The amount of information and history on this site is vast and informative, and you don’t bother with sugar-coating anything.  You tell it as it is.  I respect this.


I have been through an extended brain washing experience in the Mormon church for about 20 years. Since my eyes have been opened, most of what you say about the bible ironically seems to apply to the Book of Mormon as well. jeanie**
Great site!  As a refugee from Christianity and religious intolerance, I am heartened to see that there are people that are not afraid to think for themselves … Reason, intellect, and common sense are the real gifts of God.


I’m coming from the perspective of a former catholic turned atheist.
After reading your materials, even if only half is accurate, paints about the bleakest picture of organized religion … I’ve ever considered.
As a lifelong Catholic … I formerly worked as an editor for a Catholic publisher for many years … my job was to write prayer books and booklets to Our Lady of Fatima, Our Lady of Lourdes, etc. I got so I could hardly stand it because I do not believe for one minute that these Marian apparitions are real. Yet many many people sincerely believe that they are and make pilgrimages by the millions to their shrines .. exploitated by the Church into a very lucrative place of pilgrimage.
I’ve suspected for a long time that the gospel stories were based on myth … I felt very uncomfortable with the belief that of all the cultures in the world, a supreme God would choose just one people (Israel) to whom to reveal himself.
Strangely, instead of being upset, I find it strangely comforting that there was no such person as Jesus of Nazareth. I’ve come to see religion as a divisive and potential dangerous thing.  
Again, I really admire and appreciate your website and plan to read everything there as time permits. It is a great resource for all seekers of the truth.


I have always found your site interesting, ever since I came across it some months back. I only wish I had come across it a lot sooner! After 15 years loyal service to the organisation known as Jehovah’s Witnesses, my conscience would no longer allow me to carry on. JWs teach Satan exploits the internet so one shouldn’t go it … Our close-knit, loving family was being torn apart literally before my eyes – What kind of an organisation can destroy lives like this under the guise of Christianity?! To have insight, no matter how painful, is a real blessing.


I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful site.  … I am an ex-xtian and now a pagan.  I had to leave the religion of love (xtianity) to learn about love, honesty, tolerance, etc.  You have made a significant contribution to this growth through your site.
I personally believe that there is a Creator God  … Your web site provides a cautionary tale of the many pitfalls that can be encountered when people decide to get together to conduct any activity that relates to a God that cannot be seen and that may or may not exist. A very worthwhile web site. I hope a lot of people read it.


I absolutely love the site. It’s educating and thought provoking essays influence me to look deeper into the ‘unholy’ origins of christianity. Your site is clear and undeniable. Although, I knew alot of what I read already, I was glad someone like yourself put the time and effort into putting it all together.
Nice site! You have managed to collect a lot of info in one place that I have only seen pieces of elsewhere.
i’ve learned so much from your site over the past few months, and also, just plain enjoyed da heck out of it!
keep up the good work …there is still so much to tell, especially now, when the current “government” in the USA is becoming a theocracy. I fear for my son, I fear for my country,
I have been reading your website and find it quite enlightening. I am a graduate student in psychology …
Just found you from a friend’s email. Can’t wait to look at it in detail, but my first impression is really, really well done – easy to read, great method of putting references in the top square, super mobility, Bravo!
Thank you for the “jesusneverexisted” website.  You have saved a lazy person from the work of finding documentation for things I felt were more true then that offered by religious spokespeople. .. I pray that your website doesn’t strangely disappear.  That would remind be too much of the Library of Alexandria “accident”.  (“pray” was my little joke.
A fascinating site that answers some of the questions I’ve had for some time
Besides the occasional vehemence in some of your statements, I find that this site you’ve compiled it a great relief in a world dominated by the dregs of Christian thinking.
WOW,what a great site ,very informative with actual history.Should be required reading for all.


sir, i am terribly impressed by your site. In india, Not many people know about the true history of christianity. It is a tragedy that missionaries are repeating in India what they to Egypt, Rome, and other civilisations.
How to stop this desatruction, from india joinig the league of vanished civilisations?
I couldn’t agree more with your conclusion, ..Continue to expose the truth about the hoax of christianity.
Congratulations on your superior web site..  I have spent many years in the struggle against superstition; I was a friend and lawyer for the Murray-O’Hair family … done a weekly cable TV show … I believe that these things qualify me to have an opinion about the work of another soldier in the trenches and I put yours in the topmost category.

Without further Comment

you are probably among the lowest scum on earth…….to not believe jesus is the messiah….ok your loss but to deny his very existence……have fun eating out satans ass in hell…..hopefully u find god before that happens to your sorry self.

My friend if you don’t believe in Christ your on your way to hell.. And one day you will be infront of him beeing judge and no matter what you will bought to him and confess that he’s lord. All your studies and all this years have teach you nothing. May the lord have pitty on your soul.

Your notes are disturbing to say the least. The very fact that you deny the existence of Jesus, is your ticket to Hell… You have committed the one unforgivable sin, denial of Jesus Christ as the Son of God… I could refute each and every one of your so- called theories,but I find it unnecessary to attempt to overcome the one who is your Master, namely Satan.

you are a waste of space. Good luck in your misery.

Hello fool u know why, cos the Bible says so that u are a fool and the hottest part of hell awaits u and your household. But I have a goodnews for u only if u believe in Jesus Christ shall u see His salvation and deliverance


Keep sucking that Jewish penis there and let me know if it gets you anywhere.

Hello your momma must be real proud of the nazi boy she raised. I don’t know any Palestinian schools except for those that teach terror and certainly you wont find that taught in a Jewish school… Now all these Jews studying the bible had to know how to read for sure or else they could not read the bible or Talmud… So what you have said about an illiterate donkey nomadic is simply not true however its easier for the nazis mind to think otherwise or else headaches set in.


Ain’t this world a wonderful place, and the internet; it’s fantastic. Any idiot can have his say. Christianity is a farce, a mongrel religion. Judaism however, take another look, and this time after you do your home work.

*spit* MUSLIM *spit* ?
You are nothing but an ignorant retard. You fucking moron! It is unbelievable that there is anyone so stupid on the face of the planet, it embarrasses me as a human that I am part of a race with dumbasses like you in it. The answer to all this is that you’re just an ignorant *spit* Muslim *spit* like the rest of them, believing that they created everything and that the other religions are all false. You’re just a goddamned moron. If you get this email, I’ll be surprised that you’re still alive and haven’t suicide-bombed a preschool by now. I hope something really, really bad happens to you. Just so we’re clear about this that is NOT A THREAT OR ANYTHING LIKE IT, I’m just saying that I hope you die in an incredibly slow and incredibly painful way. Do not email me back you disgusting moron. GO put the fucking Koran down and read something with, I don’t know, a real historical background, not just made up shit.


Ok I just have one question on one statement. You say that the Jews were a backwoods people. Now the Talmud contains about 2,500 pages and all the Rabbis at that time knew it by heart … most of the Jews knew it by heart … I would not call that backwoods. .. I know your jealousy propels you to write this garbage its ok. So go back under the rock you crawled from ok.


We-Cattelic have to be inventive to create sophisticated equipment to prepare sinners before launching same to Hell. By-the-way, Kenneth, you forgot your own visit to Europe in the early centuries.

I wish no cry about your Insipid Insinuations and trashy comments of christianity . greeting ;


My awakening which occurred in Dec. 1976 … I became aware of having lived past lives, one of which being that of Jesus of Nazareth. As Jesus, I taught people the only way they can know the greater truths about their life, is to live as I did then (and as I did as Socrates and other past lives) … I show people how simple it is to “communicate mentally” with their Guides in the heavens, because I live today as I lived in the life of Jesus, Socrates, Isaiah, the Prophet Zoroaster, etc the Earth is going to be destroyed in the greatest Natural Disaster of all time …Take Care, Sincerely Barb and folks in Space…


from Ted Jesus Christ GOD… I had a SEVERE 40 days and 40 nights on a large Sail Boat and was TEMPTED by Satan or Devil and this SPIRITUALLY and keeps getting told and this thousands of times by Angels that identify themselves to be Michael and Gabriel and More Top Angels that this person is the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. I AM Christ and God and the Creator and the Child prophesied to Come in Revelation 12:5 that the author is NOT familiar with the Women that is Teds Mother or the Child that is Ted. After Ted dies Ted is taken to the Throne of God because Ted is God!


I read your article about Islam and Muhammad. ,,, obviously biased against Islam. … How do explain the divinely inspired book the QURAN being written by such an unlearned man like Muhammad? I guess your sources will say he paid some others to wire the QURAN or he was in some drug induced state. Not matter what negative, denigrating assertions you can regurgitate concerning the life and prophecy of about Muhammad you cannot explain the Quran. .. Unlike that christen bullshit trinity being fed by the church to the masses of ignorant people the TRUTH of the QURAN is self evident.

Your website is very interesting Ken. I’m sorry you don’t believe. I could never make it through my life without some kind of faith. I think we all need something to believe in, some higher power other than ourselves. People tend to fear death and it helps them to believe in something after this … I can tell that you are very intellectual and intelligent. People like that have the hardest time believing because they are so smart and very grounded in reality, which is good. But just remember, your reality is not my reality.

what about the Egyptian pharoah who had all the men of a city executed and their genitals cut off and piled up 200ft high merely because they ceased trading with him? tens of thousands of people suffered and died in the ampitheatres of ancient rome, and yet you make it all apparently exclusive to christianity. just because you hate God does not justify you to twist history. If you are going to hate him, at least present a balanced argument, for although u might hate him, hate what he stands for, hate his followers and hate his church, he loves you. god bless,

You aren’t likely to influence anyone byond the sphere of the angry Western Teenager pissed at his parents because they made him sit through church.


You can not see the word of God nor his son because he has Blinded you but! when it please God you will come to the  full knowledge of Jesus christ


I can only conclude that you have some bigotted prejudice against Christians, rooted in a worldview that views Christians as the cause of your problems… Christianity is not the cause of this brutal history that you describe…it is incidental.


Perhaps childhood abuse, neglect or a disintigrated relationship has hardened your heart to God’s Word as seems so evident by the hate and contempt made apparent through your choice of words. If time and inclination permitted, one could detail literally hundreds of objections … I pray you embark on a quest for real truth and find it resting comfortably within the irrefutable walls of God’s revealed Word through the salvation of Jesus Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen!


You can’t refute that Jesus existed, the only thing to decide upon is whether he was the Son of God or not. I hope you look closer and work out the truth.


There is more evidence that Jesus existed than Napoleon or Alexander, the great. To deny the historicity of Jesus, is to discredit your scholarly abilities entirely. History tells us that Jesus died on the cross. Faith tells us that he died on the cross for sin … The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. You need to start over again.


you don’t know me and i don’t know you but i think you are so wrong for this i don’t think you should show anyone else that.


Though you do have some strong points on your web site, you should let people believe what they want to believe, the law of kharma, though I think Hindu is mostly shit, what goes around will come around just as strong. You are probably aware that many people have an unstable belief system and your web site could crumble a lot of people. Id say your just pissed at the church, which you have right to be; they’re corrupt … but attacking the Jews is pretty low. After Hitler’s little massacre they might just hunt you down … I would advise you to take your site down.


People like you are dangerous. It’s not enough to just hate. You must spread your hatred. People like you spread rumors such as, “The Holocaust didn’t happen.” You allow persecution to ignite. If you really believe Jesus didn’t exist, then why don’t you visit Israel and violate Holy sites. What would you have to fear?


This is crazy!!! What are you trying to accomplish? Destroying people’s beliefs, like the early churches did? … The early churches were following the devil not God. … This is insane, but I have to admit its the first site I have seen that has brought up some interesting points, but still evidence of the Bible shows otherwise. .. But I will remember you in my prayers for your salvation. 🙂


As a Christian and follower of Christ Jesus I wanted to let you know that I am praying for you and that the Holy Spirit will open your eyes to the truth’s about who He is and what He has done for you on the cross. And don’t feel bad. You are not the first to persecute Him, nor his follower’s. Although you are but a shadow of someone whom directly comes to mind whom held the coats of those who murdered the first martyr for Christ Jesus. He too came to realize, on the road to Damascus, that He Is!


whatz up ken.. you suck dude.. get a life.. just cause you feel forsaken and alone.. don’t try and get us to be a delusional as you.  Jesus Loves ya even if ya don’t believe.  It’s too bad your gonna have to find that out the hard way. I’ll be praying for ya bud..


Facts – human facts – no I do not go on those. I take God at his word. So if he says something I dont question it but trust the speaker as true.


Well…nice try, but you couldn’t shake my faith in a million years … Anyone can criticize and attempt to make a good argument …. I guess time will tell … If Christianity is right, then you’re a fool, if not…then I’m a fool…

It is sad to know that you have no vision beyond your present life. .. if I am right and you are wrong I have the promise of eternal life while you who rejected God have no promise, no future beyond this life. .. Cast off the arrogance of belief in your own intellect and humble yourself before God. Then you will be a man who stands tall.


What is your motive for discrediting beleif in Jesus Christ and upon what do you rely for your salvation?


I don’t know what your motive is, but your web site is pure waste of time …. Why should we care about wrong things that happened 1700 years ago, when today people are killed and tortured?


In that your thinking is far from believable and that your efforts to either convert or makes sense are negligible. What are your motives for writing?


We live in very troubled times, and according to Scripture we are in the very Last Days. Concentrate your superb intellect in helping this generation in seeking God and His truth, AND THEN MAYBE YOU CAN BE ONE WHO HELPS SOME ESCAPE FROM ETERNAL DAMNATION. May the Good Lord bless you.


Hahahahahaha.  That is some funny stuff.  I don’t think I’ve laughed that hard on a Sunday morning in long, long while.  Thanks for confirming and strengthening my faith, Ken.  I DO appreciate it.  Love in Christ, my brother, ba****ed@*

Well, it’s either laugh or weep!

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