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Bishop of Piraeus in anti-semitic tirade

by Cadorem Lagren on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 4:55pm ·

The official website of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Pireaus has just issued an announcement from its bishop, condemning PHENOMENA magazine, a cultural insert in Eleftheros Typos, a Greek daily newspaper, one of the very few quality publications that hosts good quality articles on esoteric topics, among other articles of cultural interest. It also offers DVDs from Discovery and History Channels, on related topics, and, it being the holiday season, is currently running a series from Discovery Channel on “The unknown history of Jesus.”

Bishop Seraphim of Pireaus is known for his anti-semitic and racialist outbursts, and this documentary, among other things, appears to have raised his ire. It should be noted that the parish of Piraeus is one of the largest in Athens, and that the following announcement, signed by the bishop and officially endorsed by the Greek church, has also been published in Stohos (Target) newspaper, a mouthpiece for populist, nationalist, and religious propaganda.

The translated announcement follows. I urge friends in other countries to take note that this is not a one-off aberration or anecdote. Extremism in Greece is on the rise, and the Greek Church has taken no official position. Church and state are not separated in Greece, and the opinions expressed by Seraphim are often echoed among a large cross-section of the lay population.

Only a few weeks ago the theatrical performance of Corpus Christi was closed after violent protests staged by priests, many Orthodox Christians, and representatives of the Golden Dawn ultra-right wing party (including current members of the Greek parliament), and the director and actors received death threats for “blasphemy”.

A few weeks prior to that a young man was arrested under blasphemy laws for having created a Facebook page satirising the recent popularisation of Church prophecy.

Please take note, bear witness, spread the word, and be aware that the reality of modern Greece is not as it may appear from the outside. The rhetoric and propaganda being used is that of the 19th century, and unfortunately, the ailing educational system and current crisis have exacerbated the phenomenon of seeking scapegoats, frequently on a racialist basis. This should not be underestimated – and for those friends of culture and free intellectual inquiry worldwide, this is a sobering, and saddening reality.

“Announcement” (signed Bishop Seraphim of Piraeus).

The daily newspaper “Eleftheros Typos”, founded by Aris and Lilian Voudouris on Saturday 8/12/2012, probably with the intention of strengthening the religious sentiment of our Orthodox populace in its capacity as a newspaper representing conservative views, has taken the opportunity of the Christmas Season to offer a DVD series in six consecutive DVDs entitled “The unknown story of Jesus”, with the topics: 1. The unknown story of Jesus, 2. The lost years of Jesus, 3. Jesus’ childhood, 4. The role of Mary Magdalen, 5. Jesus’ mission, and 6. Jesus’ last days, which it advertises as enjoying the prestige of the well-known American company representing Jewish interests, Discovery World. A common, revealing feature of all these supposedly unknown facts that are brought to light, as evidenced by the topics covered, is that nowhere is Jesus called Christ, or the Messiah, but the same nauseating lies and constructed nonsense are rehashed and forged with malice, bias, and everlasting evil by the Luciferian Zionist beast.

It would be preferable for the respectable, conservative newspaper, which in its back pages advertises outrageous sodomy and astrology, to have offered the Kabbalah and the Talmud [to its readers] instead. It would have been more honest and forthright on the part of the newspaper. To disseminate the oft-repeated and non-existent and cheap fables of Jewish Zionism, thus contributing to the unfailing campaign of Zionism for the deconstruction of the Most Sacred, God-Man of the incarnated Son and Word of God, unfortunately places it in the known chorus of the enemies of the church and the persecutors of the immaculate faith of the revealed, eternal God, and the fate of all those who “take sides” is known, and they comprise their own, most tragic executioners.

We challenge the good Newspaper to publically notify us of the nationality and religious observance of the supposed Experts appearing in the DVDs that it offers: Assad Saleh Matib, Assad Tayyadh Amarah, Dr Brian Schultz, Dr Danny Syon, Dr Ehud Netzer, Dr Marvin Meyer, Dr Nadav Kashtan, Dr Rami Arav, Dr Refat Meshal, Dr Salima Ikram, Dr Shelley Wachsmann, Jerome Murrhy, Samir Hawa, Yuval & Mose Lufan, because by their names alone their Jewish and Muslim origin and faith is revealed.

A response to the good Newspaper and the company with Jewish interests,, Discovery World, will be given by our faithful people in the sacred days that follow, who will as always pack the Holy Churches in their thousands across our whole nation.”


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