Jesus Never Existed

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Jesus Never Existed


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Roman Empire

Did Julius Caesar Exist? – Yes but No evidence of Jesus Christ
Witness to Jesus? – 2 Seneca and the Stoics
The Invincible Mithras
The Gospel of Mithras
The Companions of Mithras

Signs and wonders – Resurrection of the Lord? Part 1
Caesarea: Miracles of Time and Space- Philip and Peter?
Caesarea: Trial and Error- Paul’s Day in Court?
Caesarea: Beyond the Myth- City of Hadrian
St Paul: Mission Impossible – On Tour with a Saint
Galatians – Man, Myth and Magic
Paul: Journeys with an Apostle- Up Close and Personal
“Paul in Athens” Really?
From our own Correspondent – The Epistles of Paul – Part 1
From our own Correspondent – The Epistles of Paul – Part 2
Paul – The first theologian? Part 1
Paul – The first theologian? Part 2

Paul in Jerusalem
All at Sea – The Curious Yarn of Paul’s “Shipwreck
Paul and “Acts of the Apostles” – A Ripping Yarn
Journey’s End or End of the Line?
“Ignatius and Polycarp” – Twin stars in the Christian dreamscape. Part 1.
Aelia Capitolina – City of the Evangelists
Waking the Dead? – Signs and wonders to impress the brethren
The Emmaus Encounter – Further fiction from the Biblical Book of Fables
Those Sexually hung-up Christians, Part 2 – Christianity, the triumph of perversity
Those Sexually hung-up Christians, Part 3 – Pleasure, a distraction from God

Constantine – Pagan Thug Makes Christian Emperor
Lost World – Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism
The Insanity Begins – The Closing Mind
Persecution – Holy Mother Church Invents Heroic Origins
The World that was Lost – Christianity Wrecks Civilization
Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism
Putting the Dark into the Dark Age
The Death of Science
Into the Darkness – The Triumph of Christian Barbarism

The Rackets – Seven “Sacraments” of the Church
Fabricating the Jesus Story:
“Mark” – Bringing the Celestial Superjew Down to Earth
“Matthew” – A Gospel for Messianic Jews
Genealogy – Matthew’s yarn
The Birthing of a Godman – The Nativity of Jesus (Matthew)
Matthew makes Mark’s miracles made more immediate, powerful, effortless

“Luke” – A Gospel for Credulous Pagans
Genealogy – Luke’s yarn
The Birthing of a Godman – The Elaboration of a Myth (Luke)
” John” – A Gospel to Silence the Gnostics
Trials and Errors: The SIX trials of Jesus

Joseph of Arimathea – the Man who Laid Jesus
Bar Abbas! Barabbas! – A cameo that adds drama and irony
Jesus approved drawers
Tamper-proof Mormon underwear – for assured purity.


Mission Impossible – The Christianisation of Africa
– Coming Soon
“Look into my eyes. You feel sleepy. You will do everything I tell you …”
Christians discover the law of gravity.
Taliban show respect for Biblical notions of justice..