Jesus Never Existed

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Jesus Never Existed

Chronological Index

Chronological Index


24th – 6th century BC
Egypt and the Patriarchs: palpable nonsense
16th – 5th century BC
Genesis – First invent your Jew, then invent your Christ …
15th – 8th century BC
King David – The Boy Wonder
Solomon? – The Emperor With No Clothes
11th – 6th century BC
Israelites and the Assyrians – On the Margins of Empire
8th – 4th century BC
Babylon Nurtures the Jewish Priesthood
Temples on the Mount  – from “Threshing Floor” to “Noble Sanctuary”
6th – 1st century BC
Temples on the Mount – Part 2Persians and Greeks bearing gifts.
Gestation of a Superhero
Growing the dream – Profiting from the Prophets
8th century BC – 6th century AD
Arabia the Happy – Life Before Islam
A Good Book? – Try Morose, Misogynistic, Vindictive
4th century BC – 16th century AD
Sin – Drowning Humanity in Guilt & Fear
4th century BC – 1st century AD
Greek & Roman World Culture Confounds the Jews
Silk and Spice – The Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins
Those Sexually hung-up Christians, Part 1 – God’s Love for the Jews
3rd century BC – 4th century AD
Preparing the Ground for Christianity – “Pick’n’Mix” in the Ancient World
2nd century BC – 1st century AD
Christianity Without Jesus? Introduction
Christianity Without Jesus? Universal Saviour
1st century BC – 1st century AD
A Surfeit of Jesuses! – But No “Jesus of Nazareth”
Did Julius Caesar Exist? – Yes but No evidence of Jesus Christ
Temples on the Mount – Part 3. Herod’s Temple – Fact or Fantasy?
1st century BC – 3rd century AD
“Brother James”– Radical Jew Sanitized into Pious Christian Marty
Waking the Dead? – Signs and wonders to impress the brethren
The Emmaus Encounter – Further fiction from the Biblical Book of Fables
The Sepulchres of Deceit


1st century AD
Hero of the People – The God Who Never Was
68AD – Revelation! The Apocalypse of John
Glory – The Greatest Man Who Never Lived
Making Romans Kosher – Rabbi Solly
Witness to Jesus? – 1 Philo of Alexandria
Witness to Jesus? – 2 Seneca and the Stoics
St Paul: Mission Impossible – On Tour with a Saint
1st – 2nd century AD
The ‘Galilean Ministry’ – Fabrication of a Christian Holy Land
Militant Tendencies – Jewish Resistance to Roman Rule
Bizarre – The Assortment of Early Christian Belief

Signs and wonders – Resurrection of the Lord? Part 1
Caesarea: Miracles of Time and Space- Philip and Peter?
Caesarea: Trial and Error- Paul’s Day in Court?
Caesarea: Beyond the Myth- City of Hadrian
Paul: Journeys with an Apostle- Up Close and Personal
Mission Impossible: Paul’s Journeys – Real or Imagined? Cyprus/AsiaMinor
Paul: Magical Mystery Tours – A Greek Odyssey?

“Paul in Athens” Really?
Philippi – First Church in Europe or an origins myth?
Corinthians 1 – Friction or Fiction in Roman Greece?
Paul – Road to Rome?

Paul in Rome? No kidding!
From our own Correspondent – The Epistles of Paul – Part 1
The Epistles of Paul – Part 2
– Man, Myth and Magic
Paul – The first theologian? Part 1
Paul – The first theologian? Part 2
Paul in Jerusalem
All at Sea – The Curious Yarn of Paul’s “Shipwreck”
Paul and “Acts of the Apostles” – A Ripping Yarn
Journey’s End or End of the Line?
1st – 4th century
The Invincible Mithras

The Gospel of Mithras
The Companions of Mithras
Aelia Capitolina – City of the Evangelists
Temples on the Mount – Part 4. Temple of Jupiter – Biggest and Best?
Bethesda miracle? – Jesus steals the magic of Asclepius!
Siloam – Negating Jewish magic
1st – 6th century
The World that was Lost – Christianity Wrecks Civilization

1st – 15th century
Lost World Part 1 – Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism
Lost World Part 2 – Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism
Foolish Things–The Ruin of Public Health
A Lengthening Shadow – Ireland Subdued by ‘Christ’
Santiago! New Use for a Dead Jew
2nd century AD
Trajan Conquers the East – ‘Wars & Rumours of Wars’
The Piety and Vengeance of Hadrian
Nice Gnostics – Christian ‘Mystics of Knowledge’
What DID the Early Christians Believe? Making an Apology
“Ignatius and Polycarp” – Twin stars in the Christian dreamscape. Part 1.
Bethesda miracle? – Jesus steals the magic of Asclepius!
Jesus Christ – The Neighbour from Hell
The “12 Apostles” – Fabricated followers of a fabricated Saviour
Fabricating the Jesus Story:
“Mark” – Bringing the Celestial Superjew Down to Earth
“Matthew” – A Gospel for Messianic Jews
Genealogy – How the godman was given a bogus pedigree – Matthew’s yarn
The Birthing of a Godman
 – The Nativity of Jesus (Matthew)
Matthew makes Mark’s miracles made more immediate, powerful, effortless
“Luke” – A Gospel for Credulous Pagans
Genealogy – How the godman was given a bogus pedigree – Luke’s yarn
The Birthing of a Godman
 – The Elaboration of a Myth (Luke)
” John” – A Gospel to Silence the Gnostics
Trials and Errors: The SIX trials of Jesus
Joseph of Arimathea – the Man who Laid Jesus
Bar Abbas! Barabbas! – A cameo that adds drama and irony
2nd century AD onwards
Non-Christian Testimony? – From the authentic pen of lying Christian scribes !!
The Apocryphal (and frequently revised) ” Word of God”
Mary, Mary … Immaculate Deception
From Apollo to Jesus Christ! – How the Godman is Made and Remade
The Rackets – Seven “Sacraments” of the Church
2nd – 3rd century
“Saint Peter”– Linking Rome back to the Godman
Callistus – Embezzler, Extortionist, Friend of Emperor’s Whore, Makes Pope, Dies with Transvestite!
Rabbinic Judaism Inc. – A Portable God for the World’s First Multinational Business
Nazareth The Town that Theology Built
Invention of Orthodoxy
Those Sexually hung-up Christians, Part 2 – Christianity, the triumph of perversity
Those Sexually hung-up Christians, Part 3 – Pleasure, a distraction from God
2nd – 8th century
Dwarfs on the Bones of Giants – The Withering of Culture
Would they lie? – Copy and Glorify!
3rd – 4th century
Constantine – Pagan Thug Makes Christian Emperor
Pope Damasus – The Gangster who hired a Pimp to write the Bible!
Death of Science
3rd – 6th century
Into the Darkness – The Triumph of Christian Barbarism
Egyptian Roots of Catholicism – The Show Must Go On
3rd – 15th century
The Rise of Christian Tyranny – Ruin of Public Health
Christianizing of the Heathen – The “Conversion” of the Tribesmen
4th century
The Struggle for Power: Theodosius – Murdering the Pagans
4th – 7th century
The Insanity Begins – The Closing Mind
The Struggle for Power: Arianism – Christianity’s “civil war”
Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism
Putting the Dark into the Dark Age
Into the Darkness – The Triumph of Christian Barbarism
“Saint George” – The Pork Salesman who became England’s Patron Saint
Regurgitated fable – Relics, demonology, miracles …
4th century onward
Missionaries or Murderers? – The Theory & Practice of Torture
Persecution – Holy Mother Church Invents Heroic Origins

Slavery: Did Jesus Keep Slaves?
Those Sexually hung-up Christians, Part 4 – Christianity, a psycho-sexual disorder
The Via Dolorosa – A Comedy of Errors
The many tombs of Jesus – and all empty!
5th – 7th century
Battle for Britain – Catholic Vanities Subjugate the Saxons
6th – 7th century
Old Wine in New Bottles – The Genesis of Islam
7th – 8th century
Muslim Scholars or Irish Monks – Who Saved Civilization?
Muhammad’s ‘Pick’n’Mix’ Message
9th – 11th century
‘Hellenization’ of Muslim Intellectuals
8th – 15th century
Seeding the Renaissance– Science, Technology and Islam
Extinguishing the Light – Wrath of God
Santiago! New Use for a Dead Jew
9th – 10th century
Miniscule – Karl the Big tries hard to write joined up letters
10th – 21st century
1000 Years of Carnage & Barbarity in the name of Christ
15th century
Shrouded in Deceit – Leonardo’s Last Laugh
15th – 16th century
New Spain – Old Horrors
15th century – 19th century
Burning Times – Auto-da-fé
16th – 17th century
Christ in the Colonies – America
18th – 19th century
Birth of a Nation – USA
19th – 20th century
The Americanising of Christianity – The Joy of Sects
20th – 21st century
The “James Ossuary” – A Box of Tricks
Circus Circus! Christian ‘Apologetics’ – Fundamentally Flawed
The Good Christian? – In fact, the whole goddamn family, Faith, Hope and Charity
Jesus loves a winner! Shaking Down the Sheep
The End Time – Jesus Jihad

Holy Nudity!

Christian Adamites of the 4th century took their name from Adam and embraced his primordial nakedness.
Kindred sects reemerged in Europe between the 14th-17th centuries. They proscribed marriage but held that the most perfect innocence was consistent only with nakedness and women held in common.
Sure beats burning people alive.

Holy Murder

Take heed ye break not our ecclesiastical laws, for then ye are sure to stretch by the halter.”
– John Endicott. Governor, Christian colony of Massachusetts, 1660.

20th century Christian knight

Burning for Jesus.
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