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Welcome to Enlightenment!    Religion – the Tragedy of Mankind  – Articles by Kenneth Humphreys



/time   Jesus Never Existed Time Line – Chronological Index - Articles by Kenneth Humphreys
/country   Jesus Never Existed – Index by Country, Region - Articles by Kenneth Humphreys
site map   Jesus Never Existed

/book   Jesus Never Existed: The Book
/bookcontent   The Tragic Fabrication of a Saviour of the World
/book-review   Jesus Never Existed: The Book - Reviews - Purchase

/q&a   Q and A with Kenneth Humphreys - Interview with Metafysiko, Greece
/nailing   Nailing Jesus – Demolishing the Messiah Myth
/ehrman   Bart Ehrman: Did Jesus Exist? Popular scholar recoils from the abyss
/judas-unterbrink   Judas – the Real Messiah? Daniel Unterbrink, Judas of Nazareth
/newapologists   A rescue mission for the "Jesus of history" – The New Apologists
/paulkovich   No Meek Messiah
  Jesus Lit Book Reviews- From the magisterial to the lunatic
/imagine Jesus – the Imaginary Friend (SECTION INDEX)
/creation Godman - Gestation of a Superhero (SECTION HEAD)
/belief What DID the Early Christians Believe? (SECTION INDEX)
/source The Syncretic Heritage of Christianity – Sources (SECTION INDEX)
/chosen-people The Jewish Inheritance – Racism and Intolerance (SECTION INDEX)
/fabrication Fabrication of the Jesus Myth – Introduction (SECTION HEAD)
/dogma Dogma – The endless revision of God's Word (SECTION INDEX)
/paul The Apostle Paul. Rabbi Saul – Could it all be a fabrication? - (SECTION INDEX)
/darkness Christianization of the Roman world – The Criminal History of the Christian Church (SECTION INDEX)
/cruelty The Christianization of Europe (SECTION INDEX)
/jihad Desert Storm – The challenge of Islam(SECTION INDEX)
/america The Christianizing of Americas (SECTION INDEX)
/surfeit   A Surfeit of Jesuses! But No "Jesus of Nazareth"
/mary   The Mythical Virgin Mary
/peter   Saint Peter – Fabricated Apostolic commander-in-chief
/apostles   The 12 Apostles – Fabricated followers of a fabricated Saviour – Ken Humphreys
/mark   Fabricating the Jesus Story - ‘Mark’: From Future to Past, from Sky to Earth
/matthew   Matthew - A Gospel for Messianic Jews
/luke   Luke - A Gospel for Credulous Pagans
/john   John - A Gospel to Silence the Gnostics
/james   James – Radical Jew Sanitized into Pious Christian Martyr
/godman   Christianity Without Jesus - 1 Gestation of a Superhero
/saviour   Christianity Without Jesus - 2 Profiting from the Prophets
/myth   Christianity Without Jesus - 3 Myth of a composite hero
/hero   Christianity Without Jesus - 4 Hero of the People
/glory   Christianity Without Jesus - 5 The Greatest Man Who Never Lived
/beginnings   What DID the Early Christians Believe? 1 Bizarre Prophets of Doom
/gnostic   What DID the Early Christians Believe? 2 Nice Gnostics, Christian Mystics of Knowledge
/apology   What DID the Early Christians Believe? 3 The Second century Apologists
/orthodoxy   What DID the Early Christians Believe? 4 Orthodoxy and the Early Church
/syncretism   Preparing the Ground for Christianity –  "Pick'n'Mix" of the Ancient World
/egypt   Egypt and the Patriarchs – No  "Israelites in Bondage"
/templemount   Temple Mount 1 – from  "Threshing Floor" to  "Noble Sanctuary"
/templemount2   Temple Mount 2– Persians and Greeks bearing gifts to Jerusalem
/assyria   Israelites and the Assyrians – On the Margins of Empire
/babylon   Babylon Nurtures the Jewish Priesthood
/roman-greek   Greek & Roman – World Culture Confounds the Jews
/jews   Just Who Were the Jews?? First invent your Jew, then invent your Christ…
/brutal   Yahweh - Brutal God of War
/david   King David – The Boy Wonder
/solomon   King Solomon? – The Emperor with No Clothes
/invincible-mithras   The Invincible Mithras
/gospel-mithras   The Gospel of Mithras
/companions-mithras   The Companions of Mithras
/buddha   Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins
/melange   From Apollo to Jesus Christ! – A Picture Essay
/genealogy-matthew   Genealogy – How the godman was given a bogus pedigree – Matthew's yarn
/makeover1   Matthew makes Mark's miracles made more immediate, powerful, effortless
/genealogy-luke   Genealogy – How the godman was given a bogus pedigree – Luke's yarn
/virginity   The Birthing of a Godman - Elaboration of a myth (Luke)
/nativity   The Birthing of a Godman - Unbelievable in Every Word (Matthew)
/nazareth   Nazareth – The Town that Theology Built
/galilee   The 'Galilean Ministry' of Jesus Examined
/trials   Trials & Errors – The Six trials of Jesus
/barabbas   Bar Abbas! Barabbas! – A cameo that adds drama and irony
/arimathea   Joseph of Arimathea – the Man who Laid Jesus
/sepulchre   The many tombs of Jesus – and all empty
/tombs   The Sepulchres of Deceit - Signs and wonders to impress the brethren
/undead   Waking the Dead? - Signs and wonders to impress the brethren
/dolorosa   The Via Dolorosa – A Comedy of Errors
/James-box   Brother James and his Box of Tricks
/resurrection1   Resurrection of the Lord – The Hole in the Christian Doughnut
/emmaus   The Emmaus Encounter – Further fiction from the Biblical Book of Fables
/shroud   Turin Shroud - Shrouded in Deceit – Leonardo's Last Laugh
/caesarea1   Caesarea in the Acts of the Apostles – Christianity's Fabrication Factory
/revelation   Revealing Truth behind The Revelation of St John
/lying   Lying for God - The Christian Way
/siloam   Siloam – Negating Jewish magic
/bethesda   Bethesda miracle? – Jesus steals the magic of Asclepius!


  Men in frocks – God's curious fashion foibles
/militant   Militant Tendencies - Jewish Resistance to Roman Rule
/trajan   Trajan Conquers the East – "Wars & Rumours of Wars"
/hadrian   The Piety and Vengeance of Hadrian
/caesarea3   Caesarea – City of Hadrian
/herods-temple   Temples of Herod and Hadrian - "Temples on the Mount" – Part 3
/herod-vs-hadrian   Herod versus Hadrian - "Temples on the Mount" – Part 4
/aelia   Aelia Capitolina – City of the Evangelists
/philo   Witness to Jesus? - Philo of Alexandria
/seneca   Witness to Jesus - Seneca and the Stoics
/josephus-etal   Non-Christian Testimony for Jesus? – From the authentic pen of lying Christian scribes !!
/exist   Did Julius Caesar Exist? – Yes But No evidence of Jesus Christ
/saul-paul   St Paul the Apostle –Two Different Pauls in Epistles and Acts, plus an Extra, Saul
/apostle   Paul in Cyprus and Galatia? First Mission
/galatians   Galatians – Barbarians, Settlers or Jews?
/philippi   Philippi – First Church in Europe or an origins myth?
/corinth1   Corinth – Rome's imperial command post in Greece. But was it Paul's?
/greek-odyssey   A Greek Odyssey? – Second and Third Missions
/ephesus   St Paul at Ephesus – Derring-do or hocus pocus?
/paul-in-jerusalem   Paul in Jerusalem – An Unbelievable Yarn
/caesarea2new   Paul in Caesarea? Trial and Error
/road-to-rome   Paul goes to Rome? – Theology meets Josephus!
/shipwreck   The Curious Yarn of Paul's "Shipwreck"
/epistles1   New Testament letters 1 - Bold, Catholic and Fake epistles!
/epistles2   New Testament letters 2 - The bogus "authentic" Pauline epistles
/corinth2   Paul – The first theologian? 1 – A Diluted Gnosticism
/corinth3   Paul – The first theologian? 2 – Priestly Imperatives
/ripping-yarn   Paul and Acts of the Apostles – A Ripping Yarn
/ignatius   Witness creation programme - Ignatius of Antioch
/endoftheline   The Improbable Paul - The making of a Super Apostle
/Constantine   Constantine – Pagan Thug Makes Christian Emperor
/persecutions   Persecution – Holy Mother Church Invents Heroic Origins - Ken Humphreys
/arianism   Christianity's "civil war" – The Struggle for Power
/george   St. George - The Pork Salesman who became England's Patron Saint
/relics   Relics, demons,miracles – Egyptian Roots of Catholicism
/sacraments   The Sacraments of Church Domination
/rackets   Papal Racketeering on an Imperial scale
/dark-age   Putting the Dark into the Dark Age
/dwarfs   Emperors Hadrian and Charlemagne – Dwarf on Giants Bones
/miniscule   Miniscule –"The Carolingian Renaissance"
/papal-princes   The Papal Princes – Christian Lords of Hell on Earth
/rabinicjudaism   Rabbinic Judaism Inc. – Portable God for the World’s First Multinational Business
/murderers   Missionaries or Murderers? - The Christianising of Europe – Torture
/tribes   Christianizing of the Heathen – The "Conversion" of the Tribesmen
/Ireland   Ireland – Who Saved Civilization? – Ireland Subdued by 'Christ'
/britain   Battle of Britain - Catholic Vanities Subjugate the Saxons
/santiago   Santiago! New Use for a Dead Jew
/christianization-lithuania   The Last Pagans in Europe – The Balts
/new-spain   New Spain - Old Horrors. The plunder of the empires of the Americas.
/new-england   New England (1600 - 1700) Buccaneers, Bigots, Slavers and Drug Traders
/slavery   Did Jesus Keep Slaves? The Church, the USA and Slavery
/nation   Birth of a Nation – Indians perish, make way for brotherly love
/new-world   Christianizing of America - The Joy of Sects
/sheep   Shaking Down the Sheep – The Christianizing of America - 1950-2006
/endtime   The Christianizing of America – Endtime
/arabia   Arabia the Happy – Life Before Islam
/damascus-spring   Saving Civilization? The Caliphs Enjoy the Fruits of Conquest
/baghdad-summer   Saving Civilisation? – Muslim Scholarship
/cairo-autumn   Seeding the Renaissance –Science and Islam
/wrath-of-god   Holy Warriors & Asiatics Extinguish Islamic Science
/islam1   Islam – Final Revelation or Ultimate Heresy? - 1
/islam2   Islam – Final Revelation or Ultimate Heresy? - 2
/1000years   1000 years of Christian Barbarity
/cost   The World that was Lost – Christianity Wrecks Civilisation
/ruin   The Ruin of Public Health – Religion Damages Your Health
/medicine   Foolish Things –The Ruin of Public Health
/theodosius   Theodosius – Murdering the Competition
/lost-world1   Lost World – Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism – Pax Romana vs Christendom
/lost-world2   Lost World – Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism - Loss of Technology
/execution-1   The Good Book? – Savage Biblical Injustices
/sin   SIN – Drowning Humanity in Guilt & Fear
/sex-1   Those SEXUALLY hung up Christians – 1 Loved-up for Jesus
/sex-2   Those SEXUALLY hung up Christians – 2 The triumph of perversity
/sex-3   Those SEXUALLY hung up Christians – 3 Pleasure – a distraction from God
/sex-4   Those SEXUALLY hung up Christians – 4 Paedophiles for Jesus
/hypatia   Death on the Nile – The End of Hypatia & Classic Scholarship in Egypt
/closure   The World that was Lost by the triumph of Christendom
/burning   Burning Times – Auto da fe
/science   Death of Science – The Natural World Demonised – Religious Terror
/xian-barbarism   Into the Darkness– The Triumph of Christian Barbarism

/wordofgod   The Ever-Changing "Word of God" - Rife with Contradictions and Inconsistencies
/circus   Christian Apologetics – Fundamentally Flawed
/scholars   The End is Nigh – for Jesus, that is
/naive   The Naive Christian – Christians – please read before sending your emails.
/blindfaith   From Blind-Faith to Reason - a street preacher regains his senses
/neighbour   Jesus Christ – The Neighbour from Hell - Jesus isn't nice at all!
/goodness   The Good Christian? – All in the Mind
/comments   Christian and Non-Christian Commentary on - 1
/comments2   Christian and Non-Christian Commentary on - 2
/comments3   Christian and Non-Christian Commentary on - 3
/roo   The New Apologists: Why? – Article by guest writer "Roo Bookaroo"


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