Imaginary Friend


Godman – the gestation of a superhero


What DID the Early Christians Believe?


Sourcing the Legend


The Way of the Rabbi






St Paul the Apostle


The Criminal History of the Christian Church


A Brutal Superstition Spreads Across Europe


The challenge of Islam


The Christianizing of the Americas


Religious fusion in Ancient Egypt Alexandria, the breeding ground of cults


Piety and Dreams Sire a Godman

  Bizarre Beginnings – The Assortment of Early Christian Belief  

From Apollo to Jesus Christ! How the Godman is Made and Remade


Just Who Were the Jews? The Jewish Race Myth & 'Sacred History'

  Lying for God – Copy and Glorify   The Ever-Changing Word of God   Two Different Pauls in Epistles and Acts   The First Christians –  "Haters of the human race"?   The RacketsSeven "Sacraments" of the Church   Arabia the Happy Life Before Islam  

1500-1700 Europe Ablaze for Christ!



A Surfeit of Jesuses! (But NOT one from Nazareth)



Growing the dream


  Nice GnosticsChristian 'Mystics of Knowledge'  

Egyptian Roots of Catholicism – Relics, demonology, miracles


  Egypt and the Patriarchs – Palpable Nonsense   Non-Christian Testimony?   The 'Good Book' – Savage Biblical Injustice   First Mission – Paul in Cyprus and Galatia?   Primitive Christianity compromises with reality   Racketeering on an Imperial scale   Who Saved Civilization? – Damascus Spring   1500-1600 New Spain – Old Horrors

The Birthing of a Godman - Unbelievable in Every Word


Universal Saviour


  How the Godman is Made and Remade  

(Jewish Neo-Platonism – see Philo)

  King David – The Boy Wonder   Persecution – Holy Mother Church Invents Heroic Origins   SIN Drowning in Guilt & Fear   Galatians – Barbarians, Settlers or Jews?  

Pope Callistus – Embezzler

  The Christianizing of Iberia  

Islam: Final Revelation – or Ultimate Heresy? Part One   

  1600-1700 Christ in the Colonies

The Birthing of a Godman - Elaboration of a myth


Hero of the People


  Making an Apology  

(Stoicism – see Seneca)

  King Solomon? – The Emperor with No Clothes   "Saint George"   "Mark" Bringing the Celestial Superjew Down to Earth   Philippi – First Church in Europe or an origins myth?  

Constantine – Pagan Thug Makes Christian Emperor



The "Conversion" of the Tribesmen of Germany and Gaul



Islam: Final Revelation – or Ultimate Heresy? Part Two

  1700-1850 Birth of a Nation

The Genealogies of Jesus – How the godman was given a bogus pedigree


Glory – The Greatest Man Who Never Lived


  Orthodoxy and the Early Church  

The Buddhist Influence in Christian Origins


  God's love – for the Jews!  

Shrouded in Deceit – The Shroud of Turin and all the other fakery!

Under revision - back soon!

  "Matthew" – A Gospel for Messianic Jews   "Paul in Athens" Really?  

The Christianizing of Europe – The Bishops of Christ seduce the Caesars


Battle for Britain


  Who Saved Civilization? – Baghdad Summer   In Human Bondage – Did Jesus Keep Slaves?

Luke's alternative Jesus genealogy


Witness to a historical Jesus? Philo of Alexandria



Jewish Venom – Revelation


  Temples on the Mount? From "Threshing Floor" to "Noble Sanctuary"   The 'Galilean Ministry' of Jesus Fabrication of a Christian Holy Land   The Roman Church Asserts Authority – The Mythical "St Peter"   Corinth – Rome's imperial command post in Greece. But was it Paul's?  

Theodosius – The Assault upon Paganism


  Ireland Subdued by 'Christ'   Seeding the Renaissance Science and Islam   1850-1950 The Americanising of Christianity

Nazareth – The Town that Theology Built


Witness to a historicalJesus? Seneca and the Stoics


      The Invincible Mithras   On the Margins of a Real Empire – Israelites and Assyrians  
Aelia Capitolina – City of the Evangelists
  "Luke" – A Gospel for Credulous Pagans   Second and Third MissionsA Greek Odyssey?   Pope Damasus – Gangster   The Christianization of the Balts   Extinguishing the Light – Wrath of God   1950-2005 Jesus loves a winner! Shaking Down the Sheep

Jesus Christ The Neighbour from Hell

          The Gospel of Mithras   Babylon – Nurturing the Jewish Priesthood   Siloam Negating Jewish magic   Caesarea in 'Acts of the Apostles'   Paul at Ephesus – Derring-do or hocus pocus?   Christianity's "civil war"Arianism and the Struggle for "Orthodoxy"  

A Timeline of Catastrophe – 1000 Years

950 -2003

      End Time – Jesus Jihad

The Good Christian? – All in the Mind

          The Companions of Mithras   Yahweh – Brutal Tribal God of War   A Jesus miracle at Bethesda?  

"Brother James" – Radical Jew Sanitized into Pious Christian Martyr


  Paul in Jerusalem  

The Insanity Begins The Closing Mind

  Missionaries or Murderers? The elimination of dissent by violence        

The "12 Apostles" – Fabricated followers of a fabricated Saviour


Imperial Cult


  Temples on the Mount? Persians and Greeks bearing gifts   Trials and Errors
The SIX trials of Jesus

Jewish Venom – Revelation

  Paul in Caesarea? Trial and Error  

Death on the Nile

  Burning Times – Auto-da-fé        

Mary, Mary ...The Mythical Virgin Mother




Apollonius of Tyana


  Greek & Roman World Culture – The Jews Say No   Dolorosa – The Way of Sorrow or A Comedy of Errors?   "John" – A Gospel to Silence the Gnostics  

Paul goes to Rome? – Theology meets Josephus!



A Timeline of Catastrophe – Darkness descends on the Greco-Roman world

300-600 AD

  Christianity – a psycho-sexual disorder?        

The End is Nigh – A History of "Jesus Denial"





Judas the Galilean – the Real Messiah?

Review of Daniel Unterbrink's thesis


Militant Tendencies – Resisting Roman Rule

Under revision - back soon!

  Sepulchres of Deceit       All at Sea – The Curious Yarn of Paul's "Shipwreck"  

Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism – PART 1


Men in frocks – God's curious fashion foibles


Christian 'Apologetics' – Fundamentally flawed

              Temples on the Mount: Herod's Temple - Fact or Fantasy?   The empty tombs of Jesus – vacuous nonsense       Epistles – Bold, Catholic and Fake   Civilization Erased by Piety and Fanaticism – PART 2          

Did Julius Caesar Exist? Do you Exist?


              Wars & Rumours of Wars – Trajan Conquers the East   Waking the Dead?      

Epistles –  The bogus "authentic" Pauline letters!



Dwarfs on the Bones of Giants – The Withering of Culture

Miniscule –"The Carolingian Renaissance"


Nailing Jesus Demolishing the Messiah Myth


Caesarea – A City Built by Hadrian

  Resurrection of the Lord? The Hole in the Christian Doughnut       Paul – A Diluted Gnosticism at the heart of Orthodoxy   'Privilegia Ecclesiastica' – Decline of Law and Human Rights            

Bart Ehrman: Did Jesus Exist?
Book Review

              The Piety & Vengeance of Hadrian   Encounter at Emmaus?       Paul – The first theologian? Priestly Imperatives   The Death of Science            

The New Apologists

              Temples on the Mount: Jupiter – Biggest and Best?   "James Ossuary" Declared Fake – Official!      

Ripping Yarn – Paul and the "Acts of the Apostles"


  Medical knowledge lost for a millennium            



              Portable God for World's First Multinational Business   Joseph of Arimathea – the Man who Laid Jesus      

Witness creation programme – "Ignatius and Polycarp"


  Ancient medical knowledge destroyed            


YouTube micro-movies

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      Bar Abbas! Barabbas! – A cameo that adds drama and irony       Paul in Rome? No kidding!                



                The Improbable Paul – The making of a Super Apostle